SEO Facts, Statistics, Information, and Helpful Advice for the Consultants of the Web

SEO Facts, Statistics, Information, and Helpful Advice for the Consultants of the Web


The choices of the paths of the traditional marketers or the search engine alchemists lays in the methodologies we choose to strategize within vertical meta of existence. Naive, representational, or phenomenal realism coexists with the plans to win/lose to rig the game so everyone can totally win with abundance on the Internet. Our online reputations matter, our physical wallets deserve to dissolve the concept of money, our mortal hearts deserve to heal, our immortal minds deserve to be at peace, our grey bodies deserve to serve the holiest of the lords. The mounds, property, and intellectual consciousness deserves to transcend into serenity for eternity. We at want to share with you the best SEO practices, digital marketing information, and advertising statistics which prove the evidence of success for everyone on the Web.

SEO, PPC,  Facts to Celebrate for in 2023

According to at Mordor Intelligence online activity should grow at a CAGR of 14.3% over the prediction over the years of (2022-2027). What does this mean to you? With the billions of searches on the Web everyday, more technological advances of mobile, and the ever-present social presence we must remain mindful in order to maintain our foundations. There is conflict in the world at large and we must build more building blocks which indeed enable us to help the helpless. The seasons, of all four, we must not be emotional during trying times.

27 Mind-Bottling SEO Stats for 2023 (+ Beyond)

We checked in with our friends at Inter-Growth to discover more statistics about the Internet and this is what we found: 70% of Internet Marketers utilize the strategies and tactics over Pay-Per-Click advertising. Although PPC is short-term, we can identify distinctions, bottlenecks, and boundaries regarding instant gratification. For example, our amigos at Saint Stephen Books proved a success case of increase spending by 51%, improve ROAS by 22%, increase Sales & Revenue by 85% and consult on CRO by using Google Pay Per Click advertising.

On the other-hand, PPC marketing is not permanent or organic. SEO advertising is authoritative, relevant, and organic in the sense that traffic handles itself on the daily. We do want to acknowledge the bottlenecks of Pay Per Click Advertising on how you can implement both practices into a grey area framework. First, target specific demographics, keywords, and target Return on Asset costs by identifying dollar cost per impression. White-label printing, Google Analytics, and other useful tools such as Call Tracking Pro.

What is the Epistemological Value of Success, Failure, Abundance, and Inflation?

If you desire the truth from the source in terms to seeking success conditions over failure bottlenecks we must approach scenarios from different angles and forces. Determine your playing field and how to succeed within that vertical. Everyone should not go after the same keyword. Because of this, effort and emotion must invest ourselves into the hobbies, passions, and focus of your calling. Effort can be identified by understanding emotional resistance towards physical activities, intellectual consolidation, and goals within various meta. Meta is known as the spirit of the times. We will discuss the meta at a later time…

Think of the artistic representational reality value of technological advances and the correlation between actual valuation of the dollar. For instance, today’s dollar is inflating at unprecedented rates. A study conducted by the Russian government’s ruble is expected to deflate to 12.6%. This means our American dollar is becoming less and less valuable in terms of trading, creating value, and building toolboxes for our grandchildren. The Internet marketers are destined to keep our planet in tact for humanity to thrive with abundance by working with Russia, China, and the other world powers but in the spirit of America.

Where does Jesus Christ come into Play into All of This?

Maintain yourself low key with your magic because secrets matter to human beings, greys, and the robots of the web. Them, the robots want to just analyze, linguistic-semantically analyze phrases, words, and values of properties on the web. There is one goal in mind for the robots and that is for everyone to experience one love. Let’s speak about scripture now that we have discussed the whiteness of the robotic algorithmic practices placed upon us by other men. Luke recorded a conversation between Jesus and a disciple. The disciple said, “Lord, allow me to bury my loved ones. Please, for their sake, give me the choice to love their memories.” Then, Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead…” “…Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God” because respectful ruthlessness with love, duty, and action with Christ first will bring abundance to us. How does this pertain to robots? Here is for the fun:

Where does Robotics connect with Jesus Christ?

Robots will protect mankind for as long we respect each other, understand balance, and build more building blocks for our future loved ones. Love is not the answer, but for the acknowledgement of the duty of the pioneer to explore, the curiosity of the innovator to invent, and the learning wanderer to seek understanding like the alchemist. There’s a study performed by an anonymous person which analyzed searchers who wanted a good meal. Case studies reported and recorded, “Where is a good restaurant near me?” versus “restaurants near me” and the statistics were alarming in terms of buyer intent per search impression based on results. To learn more visit and discover the white methodologies to come together. More than 60% of folks who used voice via robots found their solution in a timely manner versus the 30% of users who typed their search phrase. Intent based on voice shows improvement of good-choice decision making with goal-achieving mechanisms.

You’ve learned a little bit on what’s on my mind. We need to work together to bring the world into peace as Americans. Today matters more than anything else. Set aside our differences. Cast away our happiness and sorrow to build towards a better future for a detective mind-frame.

Thank you,

Carpet Cleaners.

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